Remote viewing of complex spaces or models,
a simple solution for sharing on the web

The models presented in the different readers of this page are very heavy 3D models with a complex mesh.
The technology developed by Exalt3D allows to diffuse and interact with such models, in real time and without the 3D objects being recordable by the “client station”. Exalt3D offers one of the few fully secure 3D scene broadcasting solutions.
We propose the following visualizations from our “lab”.
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3D Ring with Diamond, rendering and real-time visualization with Rolex ray-tracing with brightness and reflection, 3D model rendered and diffused in real time Factory, complex BIM model (to be textured), diffusion and real-time interaction with the 3D model


Real-time diffusion of 3D industrial models

The 3D cloud rendering engine enables real-time distribution of heavy and complex models.

Diffusion de modèles 3D complexes
Diffusion de modèles 3D complexes de montres

For 3D visualization of BIM and industrial models,
a leading collaborative tool


Share in real time

  • Broadcast scenes and models requiring high computing power
  • Collaborative design
  • Train and teach remotely