La Maison Chaumet


Photorealistic 3D image creation and interactive 360° web player

Maison Chaumet offers to their customers a new experience: on the new crownyourlove website, view and manipulate engagement rings in 360° and personalize the gold and caratage of the stones.

Photorealistic 3D video and animation

To give life to their products, Maison Chaumet chose to distribute videos made with the Exalt3D solution on their Instagram account.


Photorealistic hologram and 3D animation

On July 12, 2019, Chaumet unveiled a new exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco: Chaumet in Majesty – Jewels of sovereigns since 1780.
As part of this event bringing together some 250 jewelry creations, works of art and exceptional historical pieces, the Maison Chaumet entrusted to Exalt3D the original sketches of the “sun” diadem of Princess Youssopof, disappeared during the Bolshevik revolution , to bring it back to life during this exhibition..

The collaborative work with Exalt3D corresponds to our requests for creation, personalization and 3D broadcast.
Your solutions stand out in terms of the quality of the solutions that exist on the market today.”

The Maison Chaumet